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“The reason I exercise is for the quality of life I enjoy.” – Kenneth H. Cooper

The top 7 natural cures for cancer revealed


The top 7 natural cures for cancer revealed

Most of the alternative remedies that are effective with cancer are not as profitable or even patentable since they're not novel. And practitioners who practice other remedies are in peril from federal and state agencies, the FDA and the American Medical Association (AMA), who intend to maintain their medical monopoly no matter how safe and effective other methods are.

Here are seven major leads to the many empirically proven natural cancer cures and healers who were suppressed by the mainstream medical establishment.

1. "The Quack Who Cured Cancer," was the title of the article that journalist James Burke sent to Esquire magazine just prior to WWII that was never published. That's because Esquire had sent Burke to Dallas, Texas, to investigate the supposed cancer fraud Harry Hoxsey and expose him as a quack.

Instead, while at Hoxsey's Dallas clinic, Burke was very impressed by cancer patients' recoveries and Hoxsey's generosity of helping everyone regardless of their financial situations. He wasn't ripping off anyone, and he was curing a lot of cancer victims at a high rate that mainstream medicine could only dream about.

Harry went through decades battling the medical establishment, even winning a major court case. But by 1960, all of his clinics were shut down after the AMA contracted the FDA as their police force, forcing Harry to instruct his head nurse to start up a clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, where the clinic thrives as the BioMedical Center today. Read more about Hoxsey's 50-year saga here.

2. Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski's breakthrough techniques and formulas have been curing young children with brain cancer and others who are allowed by the FDA to seek his treatment after all others fail. Dr. Burzynski been doing this by the book for years.

So why all the hassles from state and federal agencies all this time? Could the effort to shut Burzynski's clinic in Houston, Texas, by "proving" that his methods be an attempt by drug company researchers to steal his patents and redo them under their names? Find out more here.

3. Dr. Max Gerson created an intensely nutritional approach with equally intense detox measures that cured many from cancers of all types. He started in Europe using his techniques for curing TB but inadvertently discovered that the same approach worked for cancer.

His curative successes in America became well known during the 1940s, and word of mouth brought lots of patients to his New York clinic from all over. His rate of success in healing cancer without using AMA techniques and pharmaceutical drugs was too much for the medical monopoly.

The AMA forced Dr. Gerson out of practice. Many of his clinical case documents were stolen, and it's suspected that an attempt was made on his life with arsenic.

So the clinic under Max's daughter Charlotte took off to Tijuana to join other true healers exiled by the USA's Medical Mafia.

4. Royal Raymond Rife, a.k.a. Roy Rife, was an American scientist and inventor of the "Universal Microscope," which enabled users to see even live viruses. The process of electronic microscopy usually kills those microbes. This enabled microbiologists to confirm pleomorphism by witnessing microbes change according to their hosts' cellular environmental demands.

Then Roy created a system of using radio waves to destroy microbes in cancer cells, setting their death frequencies by observing their reactions to exposure under his Universal Microscope. More about how Roy Rife's life and discoveries were tragically suppressed here.

5. Chaga mushrooms have demonstrated anticancer capabilities over hundreds of years. They grow on birch trees almost everywhere. 

6. Oxygenating with hydrogen peroxide is a spinoff from Dr. Otto Warburg's Nobel Prize-winning discovery over 50 years ago that cancer cells cannot survive a sudden, large surge of oxygen, but normal cells thrive on it.

That can be achieved with food-grade 35 percent H2O2 diluted carefully in distilled water, a DIY treatment if there ever was one. 

7. Cannabis, especially when it's distilled into an oil extract, is seeing more and more success with cancer, even among those cancer patients being fitted for a coffin.

It is a major reason why cannabis (marijuana) is being approved more and more among American states as the evidence from both anecdotal cures and scientific research endorse the use of cannabis for cancer and other diseases.


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Charles King
Charles King 2 January 15 14:01 My mom experienced cancer! It awful tragedy nut it can be cured! Text hided expand
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